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Instructions to applying for a holiday trip

The purpose of SIK Vacation Fund:

That employees, paid according to SIK’s collective agreements – and their immediate family members – can be granted a holiday trip. The allocation of holiday travel is done by a draw amongst the applicants who meet the conditions for being able to get a holiday trip.

The application period begins May 1st each year, and ends on the 1st of august. The draw takes place in the autumn. 

What can the Vacation Fund pay for?

Only the ticket costs for the holiday trip are paid by the Vacation Fund. However, the Vacation Fund also pays for overnight stays on the journey if, for logistical/traffic reasons, it is necessary between the residence and the travel destination and vice versa.

The journey can only be made by the family together; i.e. that everyone must leave the same day and return the same day.

The following conditions must be met in order to participate in the draw for a holiday trip:

  1. The application form must be filled out correctly, if not the application form will not be applicable for the draw
  2. The employee’s employer must be a contributor to the fund. Otherwise the application will be considered invalid. Please refer to the list of employers below
  3. There will be a request for a copy of a paycheck and a certificate of residence after the draw
  4. The applicant’s spouse / cohabitant and children, whom the applicant wishes to participate in the holiday trip, must have the same residence as the applicant, and has been for at least a year at the time of application
  5. Accompanying children must be max. 18 years old at the year of the traveling
  6. The applicant must not have been drawn to a holiday trip paid by the Vacation Fund within the last 4 years
  7. The applicant or the spouse/cohabitant must not in 2023 receive a subsidy from or receive his holiday trip free from another holiday fund, or from his employer
  8. The application must be received by SIP or SIK no later than August 1st

You can submit the application form using the online form on our website or by filling out the application form that can be printed and filled out manually. 

Drawing the trips:

Holiday trips are awarded by draw. All applicants receive a reply per sms no later than December 1st. The answer can either be that you are drawn to a holiday trip, or that you are not drawn to a holiday trip.

Employers who contribute to the Vacation Fund

The Government of Greenland
The municipal
The State of Denmark
Halibut Greenland
Hotel Arctic
KNI Pilersuisoq
Maniitsoq Fish
Royal Arctic Line
Avannaa Seafood
Nuuk Imeq
Royal Greenland
Nuup Bussii
Arctic Prime Fisheries
Polar Raajat
Air Greenland
Sigguk Uummannaq
Sulisartut Højskoliat

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