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Questionnaire survey on workers' housing in Nuuk

As a member of SIK who lives in Nuuk, you now have the opportunity to provide information about the workers housing conditions and wishes in this regard. You do this by filling in the questionnaire form on this page.

Once you have sent the completed questionnaire, you automatically participate in the draw for 2 whole Greenlandic lambs. The draw will be made after 17 March 2023, which is the last deadline to participate in the survey.

The answers to the questions must be included as material in a mapping of the workers housing conditions and wishes. It concerns a follow-up to the public seminar that NSIP (SIK’s association in Nuuk) held in September 2022. The topic was workers housing and the possible solutions – with presentations from, among others construction companies, the banks / financial sector and information on workers housing in Iceland and Denmark. NSIP is part of a working group that meets on the subject. The hopefully many responses will be reviewed. The answers will then be included in the basic material for further work.

Questions form

Housing as possible tenant for Workers Housing in Nuuk: