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How the applications are processed

Information about how applications to the social fund are processed and about the applicant’s rights.

SIK takes care of the administrative work in connection with processing applications to the social funds (there are thus five different social funds that SIK and employers have entered into an agreement on, but in this information only the term “social fund” is used).

In connection with applications to the social fund, the Social Fund collects and processes a number of sensitive information concerning the applicant or his or her next of kin. This information is:

• Identification information and contact information
• Cpr. no.
• Bank details
• Medical certificate or statement from an optician
• Paychecks
• Tax/B card
• The employer’s refusal of support
• Employment contract

The purpose of the processing of this personal information is that the Soci-alfonden can assess an application and decide whether to approve or reject the application. This personal data will be processed by both SIK and the applicant’s employer.

A special application form must be used when applying to the Social Fund. From this it appears that by signing the form, the applicant gives consent to the processing of the person concerned’s personal data, and that the applicant has obtained consent from his relatives for the disclosure of personal information about them.

The legal basis for the collection and processing of the submitted personal data is thus the consent given, cf. Section 6, subsection of the Personal Data Act. 1, no. 1 and § 7, subsection 2, No. 1.

If you do not wish to give consent, it will mean that the application cannot be considered for grant of support/subsidy.

An applicant can withdraw his consent at any time. If this happens, it could have an impact on the possibility of receiving support/subsidy from the Social Fund. A withdrawn consent will not affect the legality of the collection, processing and disclosure that took place prior to the withdrawal of consent.

If an application is refused, the personal information will be deleted after 3 months have passed since the refusal. If an application is accepted, the personal information will be deleted after 5 years have passed.

In order to ensure that personal data is processed in a responsible manner, SIK has introduced a number of measures to ensure that this personally sensitive information does not become known to unauthorized persons. There is thus, among other things, introduced a data protection policy when processing applications to the social fund, which ensures that only the employees who work with these applications can gain insight into the personal information that an application contains.

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