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News about membership and union topics

Application for holiday travels by drawing lots does not start until June 15

NEWS 14-04-2023: Actually, the application for next year’s lot travels from SIK’s Vacation Fund has traditionally started on May 1, the workers’ international day. The application is then usually closed on 1 August. It won’t be like that this year.

The application period for these traveks starts this year on 15 June and runs until 1 September.


Please also note that not everyone who is employed under the SIK agreement can apply for lot travels – from next year, some specific professional groups will be entitled to holiday-free travel every two years. You can read about who it applies to further down in this article.


Lot trips – application online only


There are a few reasons for the change in the application period.


Firstly, the application can only be made online per SIK’s website from this year. Since the online application form was launched in 2021, you have alternatively been able to still submit your application on the paper form. As people are now getting used to the online application, which has also proven to be much easier to administer than the paper form, the Vacation Fund’s board has decided to phase out the paper form.


It then requires more time for preparation, as the website’s application form has to be adjusted and adapted – and people have to be informed about it.


But it is also connected to the fact that SIK’s Vacation Fund is about to undergo a change, which means that from 2024 the fund’s funds will also be used for a new category of holiday travel.

Travels every two years – from 2024


With the new agreements between the public employers (The Greenland Government, the municipalities and the Danish state) and SIK, certain groups have obtained the right to free travel every two years. It concerns the following groups:

1. HK employees (trade and office)

2. Childcare and socialcare workers

3. Healthcare assistants

4. Interpreters and translators


More detailed guidelines for the administration of these professional groups’ travel are being prepared. It is planned that the first travels in that category can be obtained from 1 April 2024 (since the accrual period is two years from 1 April 2022, when the new agreements apply retroactively). Regarding periods and procedures for registering and booking trips, there will be detailed information from SIK to all interested parties as soon as possible during the late summer.


However, one thing is certain in this regard: Those who get a holiday travel every two years from next year (those on the list of professional groups above) can no longer participate in applications for lot travels from this year.


Guidance for applicants


The website’s instructions for applying for participation in the travel lot in 2024 will be updated by the beginning of June at the latest. If you are in doubt, you will also be able to call SIK and get guidance.

Together we are stronger!

SIK is Greenland’s largest labor union. SIK has agreements on wages and agreements on working conditions, with large and small companies as well as with the public employers and publicly owned companies. We have local departments on the coast in various towns and villages.

WELCOME to membership! The moment SIK receive your completed registration form you are a member, welcome. The registration form can be found for download in this page below.

The registration form 

Click here to download Registration form + instructionsPlease be aware that the PBS fee of 5 kroner is not included in the contingent.

Please note 

It is important that all fields in the registration form are filled.

  • Paying contingent via PBS (Banks Pay Service)
  • With your signature on the registration form you agree thereby to pay membership contingent via PBS.
  • Your first bill on contingent being sent as giro.
  • It is important you pay giro soon after receipt.
  • If you do, you will not get more giro sent, payment is ongoing.
  • Payment will be made each month.

It is important to contact SIK when moving

  • To a different address in your hometown.
  • To another city.


  • If you change job.
  • Or if you need to move to another country.


  • Cancellation of membership must be informed to SIK written.
  • If you cancel past after half of the month, you pay next month too.

SIK does not repay the fees retroactively.

The address of the headquarters

SIK, Issortarfimmut 11, P.O. Box 9, 3900 Nuuk – 
Tlf.: +299 32 21 33 Fax: +299 32 49 39

SIK Holiday Fund

Employees, paid according to SIK’s collective agreements – and their immediate family members – can be granted a holiday trip.The application period is June 15 to September 1. The allocation of holiday travel is done by drawing lots from the applicants who meet the conditions for being able to get a holiday trip the following year. 

► Click here to access an ONLINE application form (from June 15 to September 1)

SIK Social Funds

As a labours union SIK has entered into agreements with private and public employers regarding benefits from a social fund. Common to these funds is that they are intendes to provide support in connection with serious illness – including to pay for travel companions and acommodations as well as to cover lost earnings.

Click here to access an application form

The local SIK departments and the monthly contingent


Address – Phone – E-mail



Frederik Lyngep Aqq. 30
Boks 139, 3950 Aasiaat,
Phone 89 27 32

325 kr.


3961 Uummannaq,
Phone 29 54 99

250 kr.


Illumiut 57,
Postboks 93,3952 Ilulissat
Phone 94 32 23

285 kr.


Suffiap Aqq. B-515, Kangaamiut
3912 Maniitsoq,
Phone 54 77 59

225 kr.


Suffiap Aqq. B-515, Kangaamiut
3912 Maniitsoq,
Phone 29 91 37

305 kr.


Postboks 14
3910 Kangerlussuaq

260 kr.


Ivissuit 2
Postboks 73, 3912 Maniitsoq
Phone 81 34 10

285 kr.


Tuapangmiut B-525
Postboks 91, 3922 Nanortalik
Phone 27 65 70

285 kr.


Sarqánguaqvej B-7
Postboks 55, 3921 Narsaq,
Phone 66 16 22

315 kr.


Issortarfimmut 11,
Postboks 137, 3900 Nuuk,
Phone 55 17 40

305 kr.


Postboks 182,
3940 Paamiut,
Phone 59 62 53

265 kr.


Postboks 6, 3971 Qaanaaq
Phone 59 46 18

265 kr.


Storesøvej B-621,
Postboks 29, 3920 Qaqortoq
Phone 49 32 06

275 kr.


Gl. Kirkevej 7
Postboks 38, 3951 Qasigiannguit
Phone 91 14 48

310 kr.


Jakob Danielsenip Aqq. 23,
Postboks 95, 3953 Qeqertarsuaq
Phone 92 14 23

255 kr.


3900 Nuuk
Phone 58 45 64

235 kr.


Kaaleeqqap Aqq. 14,
Postboks 56, 3911 Sisimiut
Phone 86 42 45

330 kr.


Tsittamut B575,
Postboks 51, 3913 Tasiilaq
Phone 98 12 08

250 kr.


Aqqusinertaaq B-221
Postboks 87, 3962 Upernavik
Phone 96 19 60

285 kr.


Sanatoriamut B-725
Boks 24 3961 Uummannaq,
Phone 95 10 47

270 kr.