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Lottery trips

On this page there is information and guidance regarding applications for lottery trips to be held in 2025. The application form will be available from June 15 to September 1, 2024, at the bottom of this page.

General information about lottery trips:

Wage earners, paid according to SIK’s collective agreements – and their immediate family members – can be granted a holiday trip by applying to SIK’s Holiday Fund. Holiday trips are awarded by lottery among the applicants who meet the conditions to be able to get a holiday trip.

It is an opportunity for a large group of employees who are employed under a SIK collective agreement and whose workplace pays contributions to SIK’s Holiday Fund.

Please note, however, that lottery trips do not apply to certain professional groups who have been given the right to a holiday trip every two years by agreement. These are 1) commercial and office employees (HKs) in the Self-Government, municipalities and workplaces belonging to the Danish state, 2) children aides and social workers, 3) health aides and support persons, as well as 4) interpreters and translators. Of course, these groups cannot apply for lottery trips.

if you or your spouse/cohabitant belong to the mentioned professional groups with a holiday fund trip every two years, you cannot apply for a lottery trip. In other words, you cannot get both a holiday fund trip every other year and a lottery trip – you can either get one or the other.

The application period is from 15 June to 1 September. During the autumn, a lottery will then be held for holiday trips to be implemented in following year.

What can the Holiday Fund pay for?

The holiday fund pays for the ticket and overnight accommodation on the journey, if an overnight stay between the place of residence and the travel destination is necessary for logistical/traffic reasons.

The journey can only be undertaken by the family together; that is, everyone must leave on the same day and return on the same day.

Conditions that must be met in order to participate in the draw:The application form must be filled in correctly – otherwise you cannot participate in the draw.

  1. The application form must be filled in correctly – otherwise you cannot participate in the draw.
  2. The applicant’s employer must be a contributor to the fund. Otherwise, the application will be considered invalid. See here on the page the current list of contributors.
  3. As documentation, a payslip and a residence certificate must be attached to the application.
  4. The applicant must be 18 years of age to be able to submit their own application.
  5. The applicant’s spouse/cohabitant and children whom the applicant wishes to take part in the holiday must have the same residence as the applicant, according to the attached residence certificate. A cohabitation at the same address must have lasted at least one year at the time of application.
  6. Accompanying children must not be 18 years of age at the time of departure from their place of residence.
  7. The applicant must not have been selected for a holiday trip by SIK’s Holiday Fund within the last 4 years.
  8. If you, via your spouse or cohabiting partner (at least 1 year of cohabitation at the same address), have the right to participate in a holiday trip from SIK’s holiday fund or from another fund every two years, you cannot be awarded a lottery trip.
  9. If you are entitled to a holiday fund trip from SIK’s holiday fund every two years, you cannot apply to be awarded a lottery trip.
  10. If, through your spouse/partner, you are entitled to a holiday trip from SIK’s holiday fund or from another holiday fund every two years, you cannot apply for a raffle trip.
  11. The application must be sent online from SIK’s website by 1 September at the latest.
  12. All tickets must be purchased no later than 1 month before departure.

    Draw: The draw will take place in autumn. All applicants will receive a text message no later than 1 December. The answer will be either that you are selected for a trip or that you are not selected for a trip.

Employers who make contributions to the holiday fund

Greenland Government
The municipality
The state of Denmark
Halibut Greenland
Greenland Airports
Hotel Arctic
KNI Pilersuisoq
Maniitsoq Fish
Royal Arctic Line
Avannaa Seafood
Nuuk Imeq
Royal Greenland
Nuup Bussii
Arctic Prime Fisheries
Polar Raajat
Air Greenland
Sigguk Uummannaq
Sulisartut Højskoliat
Rodebay Fish
Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia
Maniitsumi Efterskoli

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